‘World of Tanks Blitz’ – blitzkrieg-ed

‘World of Tanks Blitz’ – blitzkrieg-ed

‘World of Tanks Blitz’ – blitzkrieg-ed eGameWorld

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world of tanks reviewAvailable on all iOS devices, although reviewed just on the iPad, World of Tanks Blitz (Free) features a free-to-play MMO by the same developers of World of Tanks. Sounds enticing already as that game has reached a few million players already. While basically the same gameplay as the PC version, this iteration is intended for online play only and succeeds in making sure you don’t feel the need for anything but.

While it is a true to form “free” game, no energy bars, unlimited fuel, etc., the game does progress significantly slower if you don’t spend your gold (premium) coins (free 250 to start) to purchase a premium account. The premium account allows you to collect 25% more experience and credits after each round of action. But that’s about all we can say against the game.

The overall gameplay allows for World of Tanks Blitz to take a significant lead over the other competitors in the iOS tank game genre. You have tons of options when choosing what tanks you want to play with as you can go with either American, USSR, or German made vehicles. There are plenty of ways to customize your vehicle with different modules, consumables, and equipment to ensure that you can play with any style you enjoy.world of tanks blitz review

The in-game play is 7v7. While timed, the maps are small enough that with over 75 battles already played, we have yet to have a game end by way of time. You either eliminate all of your opponents or hold the small camp area hostage for a count of 100. The round usually ends with the first.

While the graphics generally show up well (game tested on iPad air) there is a bit of fragmentation that is a bit lackluster. Hopefully we will see some of that dissipate in the future.

An obvious must download for any action game fan.

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