‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’ – True Fans Be Warned

‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’ – True Fans Be Warned

‘The Simpsons: Tapped Out’ – True Fans Be Warned eGameWorld

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The_Simpsons_Tapped_Out_IconIf you are a true Simpsons fan or simply catch it whenever you’re channel surfing (do people still do that?), this game will have you going insane with the amount of time you will want to invest in “tapping” your way to a full Springfield landscape.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a free download on the app store. However, it gives you many choices within the game to buy characters, building, and decorations that otherwise would not be free. Don’t get me wrong, you can play completely free. But as you visit your neighbors to tap within their towns to gain points, you will see they have purchased premium items and you will want them for your Springfield too. Of course, the money in Springfield is mainly doughnuts. To acquire said delicious treats, you must tap your fingers off! And dip into your wallet.

simpsons game reviewMost of the characters you will recognize immediately from the TV show we all know and love complete with voices and quests that you see on the show. EA has brilliant creators they have hired to keep you entertained, not only with daily quests and fun story lines but every month or so we have a special event that places the characters in different dilemma’s.
My favorite adventures so far have been the holiday events. Christmas and Halloween for example. With each holiday you have fun story lines and many decorations to tap to acquire to keep you busy for hours at a time. Yes, this is a time intensive game and you will find yourself spending more time on this than you ever thought possible.

You will want to add the maximum of 100 ‘neighbor’s’ so that you can win as many of the characters and decorations for your Springfield that you can. You tap three times in each neighbors town and they can do the same in yours.tapped out review

Be sure that when you decided to spend real money in this game that it is for something that you really want for your Springfield. All purchases are final. In my opinion, this is one of those games that you will be able to play and still have fun in the years to come.

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