‘Archie Riverdale Rescue’ Gang – BANG!!

‘Archie Riverdale Rescue’ Gang – BANG!!

‘Archie Riverdale Rescue’ Gang – BANG!! eGameWorld

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archie-riverdale-rescue_featureI am such a fan of Archie comics and all the characters that live in Riverdale so I truly wanted to love Archie Riverdale Rescue¬†(Free). Ah, such is life we don’t always get what we want. Early on when the game launched in the App store the premium items could only be purchased with “kisses” which are now these lame “soda bottles” that now magically appear when you opt to watch a video ad they want to push on you or if you buy them with real hard-earned cash you spend your days gathering at your real job, or by winning them at the clock you push “snooze” on and it spins a wheel to give you mainly decorations like a piece of flower garden or “bed” to a silly tree or some such you already have too many of.

archie riverdale rescue review

This game has it’s moments when you get to choose the “couples” you want to create by giving them daily quests to do together like spending time at school or at Pop Tate’s or the movies. Too funny that you can actually make a couple out of Archie and Ethel eh?

Bottom line for you fans of Archie out there – this will ultimately disappoint because it’s really too expensive and takes too long to unlock each building and character to really hang in there to fully populate your Riverdale. The various costumes at the clothing store are cool but WAY to spendy to buy in my opinion.

It’s a freemium game so you can play for “free” technically but you will become so frustrated that you don’t have all the fun stuff that before too much time has passed you will either give up or bend over and open your wallet. Believe me – it’s not worth it to choose either one.

archie riverdale rescue review


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