‘Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Game’ – Quest Accomplished

‘Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Game’ – Quest Accomplished

‘Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Game’ – Quest Accomplished eGameWorld

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Raunchy Quahog For Sure

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family guy appIf you are a fan of Family Guy and Quahog you simply MUST give Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Game (Free) a try. It can in some ways be compared to The Simpson’s Tapped Out game but really the main comparison can only be they are both successful TV series franchises. TinyCo has teamed up with FOX to create a unique and fun experience for the fans of the show and it’s crazy characters.

family guy game iPhoneIn Quahog it is a bit more raunchy and the quests can be hilarious. The current quest is to collect “Booty” (and these are tiny gold colored butts with wings by the way) and defeat King Butt who look s like an Egyptian Tut.

All the characters that are featured on the show require different levels and outfits so you won’t easily get bored between quests and themed jobs you send them on. I would definitely give this a PG rating for all you parents out there because some of the jobs within the game are a bit off-color. For example Chris Griffin’s task in his list of possible things to do is “Enjoy Quality Time” and next to the phrase is a box of tissues. References to weed and other Family Guy expected barbs are amongst the hilarious and topical issues within the day to day activities of the game play.

As with any of these “free” games you can purchase premium content and decorations which totally are up to you as the consumer to either spend real world money on or not.family guy game iPhone

All in all it’s big fun and too is addicting and will suck you dry of spare time.It’s a favorite for when you have a moment to yourself in the bathroom or other such retreat where you can zone out and visit your own Quahog neighborhood in peace.


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